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Collier’s Plumbing Services, Inc. is your full service, quality plumbing company. We have been providing our clients with plumbing services and new installations of bathroom and kitchen plumbing for more than 20 years. Our expertise includes all of the services listed here. We are licensed for your piece of mind.
If you have a plumbing need that is not listed here, let us know. We may have experience in that service on staff. If not, we can recommend a partner we trust and have worked with in the past.

Water heater: service / repair / replace – Electric, gas, and expansion tanks.

  • Running out or no hot water.
  • Hot water smells
  • Relief valve leaking.
  • Water heater leaking.
  • Tank cleaning – vacuum out limestone buildup.

Well pump: service / repair / replace.  (Goulds pumps).

  • No water
  • Low water pressure

Pump tank: service / repair / replace.

Water treatment: Softeners, UV systems, Sediment filters, Reverse osmosis, sulfur smell in water.

Fixtures: Toilets, tub/showers, whirlpools , pedestal lavatories, vanities, shower systems, leg tub, Slipper tubs, pot fillers etc.

Faucet: service / repair / replacement – customers welcome to supply their own fixtures.

Sewage pumps service / replacement.

Sump pumps and sump pump backup systems.

Garbage disposals.

Dishwasher installs.

Instant hot dispenser units.

Hose bib  / wall hydrant / yard hydrant:  service / repair / replacement.  (Woodford)

Laundry outlet boxes with water hammer arrestors.

  • Relocate laundry to another part of house.
  • Emergency pans and drains.
  • Laundry / utility sinks: service / install.

Icemaker outlet boxes with water hammer arrestors and non-box hookups.

Install icemaker cabinets.
Vintage plumbing repairs to cast iron drains and galvanized piping.

Vintage house entire plumbing replacement.

Faucet repair and replacement.

Drain cleaning – sewer line and in-house drains snaked.

Sewer odor problems.

Water pipe replacement – polybutylene replacement

Realtor punch out lists before closing on house sale.

Winterize houses while vacant to prevent pipes freezing.

Pipe insulation.

Leaks through the ceiling from bath rooms above and general leak detection.

Investigate reasons for high water bills.

Hydronic heat system repairs: baseboard panels, radiators leak on heat lines etc.